Reciprocals Registration Page


I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge to use the Club's facilities.

I acknowledge that $20 is chargeable to myself or my Reciprocal Club should I lose, misplace or fail to return the Guest Card at the end of each day's visit. All expenses incurred from the transactions for the day will be paid by me upon return to the Reception Counters.

The expenses for the day and any other fees shall then be charged to the credit card.

I am aware that the Club accepts no liability for any loss, damage of personal belonging including valuables. I am responsible for my personal conduct and in adhering to the Club's dress code etiquette. Should my behaviour or dress code be inappropriate, I agree to leave when asked by an authorised personnel to do so. In the event of any damages caused to the Club's properties, I will be held accountable for the compensation of repair and/or replacement of equipment.

This card is only valid for use on the day of issue.