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Designation Name Contact Email
General Manager Mr Desmond Tay 6431 8302 [email protected]
Director of Corporate Services Ms Rajita Suntharalingam 6431 8382 [email protected]
Director of Finance Mr Cham Meng Kuan 6431 8307 [email protected]
Director of Food & Beverage Mr Danny Tan Kee Hing 6431 8415 [email protected]
Director of Golf Ms PK Ong 6431 8365 [email protected]
Director of Marketing & Communications Mr Cheang Sai Ming 6431 8359 [email protected]
Senior Manager, Events Management Ms Marilyn Cheok 6431 8429 [email protected]
Senior Human Resource Manager Ms Koh Pei Yeng 6431 8363 [email protected]
Senior IT Manager Mr Jom Chew 6431 8357 [email protected]
Senior Operations Manager Mr Leroy Ong 6431 8413 [email protected]
Lifestyle Manager Ms Jolene Lim Hui Fern 6431 8348 [email protected]
Member Relations Manager Mr M Krishnan 6215 9301 [email protected]
Internal Audit [email protected]
Membership Ms Winnie Boo 6431 8334 [email protected]
Projects [email protected]

Last updated: 04/01/2021