1. No person suffering from any infection or contagious disease may use the swimming pool.

  2. For Members' safety, they should have leave the swimming pool during thunderstorms or when advised by any member of the Swimming Committee or Management.

  3. No articles should be brought into the swimming pools except for training aids for the use under supervision of a swimming coach authorised by the Club, and approved flotation devices in the Children's Pool.

  4. Members must enter their guests' names into the guest book before using the swimming pool. For weekdays, it is $5 per guest, and $10 on the weekend or public holidays.

  5. A member who fails to register his guest(s) more than three times within a 90-day period may be subjected to disciplinary action.

  6. Minors are to be accompanied by a Member unless otherwise allowed by the Swimming Section. A Member shall take full responsibility for the conduct and behavior of the children in their charge and will be liable to the Club in respect of any damage or injury caused by the child.

  7. No minor is allowed in the swimming pool area except in the company of an adult. Any adult taking minor into the swimming pools accepts full responsibility for the child's safety. Domestic helpers may accompany the children to the swimming pool area but are not allowed into the water. Children are not to be left in the sole charge of the domestic helper.

  8. Professional coaches, other than those engaged by the Club, are not allowed to coach at the Club.

  9. Any activity, which is disruptive or detrimental to the Club's planned programme, is not permitted.

  10. The Swimming Section may bar the use of swimming costumes in either or both the Swimming Pool Complex and swimming pools if it is deemed as inappropriate. Those with swimming costumes shall only be restricted to the swimming pool area.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no lifeguard at the pools and the Club will not be held responsible for any injury or fatality suffered in any of the Club's swimming pools.

Last updated: 16/01/2018