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Month Date Activity
May 2019  Tuesday, 7 May   Club Dance Night
 Wednesday, 15 May   Ximula Yacht Leisure Charter
 Friday, 17 May   Rice Dumpling Cooking Class (Registration Full)
  Saturday, 18 May   May Day Singing Competition
 Wednesday, 29 May   Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP)


Month Date Activity
June 2019   Tuesday, 4 June   Club Dance Night
  Saturday, 15 June   1 Day JB Durian Tour
  Tuesday 18 June -
Thursday, 20 June
 Harry Potter Science Camp 


Month Date Activity
July  2019   Tuesday, 2 July  Club Dance Night
  Monday, 8 July   Coffee Factory (Event Cancelled)
  Saturday. 27 July  Zumba Day! 


Month Date Activity
August  2019   Saturday, 3 August  National Day Ball
  Friday, 16 August  Dim Sum Making Cooking Class
  Friday, 23 August  DARE Program by SG Secure
  Saturday. 31 August  Bollywood Veggies Farm Tour


If you have any suggestions to improve our activities, new activities to suggest or enquiries about event registration, please contact us at 6459 2222 / 6466 2244 or email

Last updated: 21/05/2019