Originating from the ancient art of Muay Boran, Muay Thai (also known as Thai Kickboxing) is regarded as one of the most effective martial arts. It teaches the complete use of eight 'weapons' of the human body - both elbows, both fists, both knees and both legs. Easy to learn and extremely practical, the addition of boxing gloves makes it safe for all to practise.

Under the guidance of Christopher Lim, learning Muay Thai will be one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination and strength. Christopher is a certified instructor under the Muay Thai Institute and World Muay Thai Council after receiving his training at the world famous Muay Thai Institute at Rangsit Stadium in Thailand.

Day Timing
Every Saturday 10:00am to 11:30am
Venue: Bukit Aerobics Studio


Member Fees: $105 per month/$30 per class
Guest Fees: $35 per class

*Guests must be accompanied by Members at all times.

For more information or to register, please contact the Bukit Gym at 6215 9413 or Island A-Frame Gym at 6431 8277.

Last updated: 01/08/2019