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Dear Members & Guests, welcome to Vietnam Golf & Country Club. As the most establishes club in the South of Vietnam, we have developed a set of basic Club Etiquette Rules for all golfers to abide by when visiting VGCC. Good golf etiquette has for centuries been a tradition of the game of golf. The basic principle being that every golfer should at all times show consideration to other players, to the golf club, the course, facilities & clubs staff. On each and every visit to VGCC, please be aware of the following and practice good etiquette at the club.

Making a booking prior to play is an important part of playing golf. VGCC is a very busy club, and we cannot guarantee a tee time for any player who fails to book. Likewise when you have made a booking, you must be ready on the tee box before your start time. You should arrive at the club at least 20minutes before your tee time, but 30-40 minutes before is generally considered a comfortable arrival time.

If you are late for your tee time we will do our best to get you on the course at the next available tee time if another time is available, this however cannot be guaranteed.

The clubhouse is an area for all golfers and guests to enjoy. It’s expected that upon entering the clubhouse, you act and are dressed appropriately. Shoes are required at all times; keep your voice to a normal level.

While some clubs do completely ban the use of mobile phones, here at VGCC we do not. We accept that cell-phones are a part of modern day life, and life cannot stop once a golfer enters the club. However in particular on the course please be considerate of other golfers around you trying to play golf. Never hold up the speed of play to take a phone call. If this situation arises whereby an important call must be taken, please skip the hole. Don’t stand in the middle of the putting green taking a call and expect people to wait for you.

VGCC has a slow play policy and this should be adhered to at all times. During the course of a game speed of play is extremely important to keep play flowing for the enjoyment of EVERY golfer.

Each hole on the course has a speed time. The maximum time for 18 hole play is 4 hrs 30mins this includes stopping at all 3 pop-stands throughout the round. The average time for 18 holes should be about 4 hrs & 15mins.

Course Marshals are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that players adhere to the rules and regulations of play and show consideration to others on the course at all times.

In the event of Closure of Golf Course due to Lighting or Severe Weather there will be:
One Long Blast on the Air Horn
To re-start play there will be:
Two Short Blasts on Air Horns
Please take advice from the COURSE MARSHALS on Golfer Safety.
During times of Bad weather, all golfers must stop playing immediately and move to the nearest shelter. If Bad weather continues for a long period, our staff will collect golfers from shelters only when it is safe to do so. Players should wait out bad weather in a safe location.

The above is a new TITLEIST GOLF BAG, GOLF BUGGY & FULL SET OF GRAPHITE SHAFTED TITLEIST golf clubs…after being stuck by lighting.. Please take our BAD WEATHER WARNINGS SERIOUSLY!!

Dress Code Requirements
a) Reciprocal Member- any charges?:

While on Golf Club premises, all members and their guests must maintain a reasonably conservative standard of dress at all times, and dress in proper golf attire while on the course.

DENIM JEANS are NOT permitted on the golf course regardless of label, style or color.

T-shirts (collarless shirts), sleeveless shirts and tracksuits are NOT permitted. Gentlemen must wear collared shirts with sleeves, mock-neck shirts with sleeves. Athletic & exercise shorts, or combat shorts are NOT permitted. New-style men's mid-calf length shorts/trousers are NOT permitted. Gentlemen may wear tailored trousers and shorts.

Ladies may wear sleeveless blouses provided that they are conservative and tasteful and of a type commonly considered standard golf attire. Tracksuits and vests are NOT permitted. Long and short pants as well as skirts are allowed. Athletic and exercise shorts and leotards are NOT permitted.

Suitable footwear must be worn in the Golf Clubhouse at all times. Only proper golf shoes with soft spikes is permitted at the course. Footwear or clothing may NOT be changed in any room other than the changing rooms.

If improperly dressed, members and their guests will be respectfully asked to change into proper attire.  To save embarrassment, members are requested to follow the Dress Code at all times.

Green Fees & Eligibility to Play

a) Reciprocal Member- any charges?: No Charges (Weekdays only).

Play on Weekends & PH is NOT allowed & is subject to Club's approval.

  • Weekends/PHs rates     VND  1 343 000
  • Buggy Fee                         VND      970 000
  • Caddie Fee                        VND      557 000

b) Reciprocal Member's Guest rates:

  • Weekdays              VND     943 000
  • Weekends/PHs     VND 1 763 000
  • Caddie Fee             VND     557 000
  • Buggy Fee              VND     970 000

c) Are Reciprocal Members allowed to introduce Guests?: Yes
If so, how many are allowed per Reciprocal Member: 03

d) Are Walk-in Visitors allowed to play?: Yes, weekdays only
If so, is there a limitation on the no. of Walk-in Visitors per day?: No
Visitors Walk-in Rate: Club's prevailing rates

e) Do Reciprocal Members have to book in advance for a time-slot on weekdays and/or weekends? Yes.
If so when? One week advance booking

f) If a club medal/competition is scheduled, are Reciprocal Members allowed to participate? No

g) Does the club impose on Reciprocal Clubs a yearly maximum quota for visits/golf games by its members? Yes

h) How many visits/golf games is each Reciprocal Member entitled to per calendar year?: 06 times

Equipment & Rental Charges

Rental of Golf Clubs:
VND 740, 000 (Mizuno), VND 950, 000 (TaylorMade)

Motorised Buggy Rental (9/18holes): VND 550, 000 / VND 970, 000

Golf Shoes Rental (9/18holes): VND 170, 000 / VND 300, 000

a) On-site Accommodation (if any): No
Price & Occupancy (per day/week etc): N/A
Contact Details: N/A​

All rates stated herein are subject to changes with/without prior notice.

Updated on 07-15-15

Last updated: 21/12/2017