Meiers Road, Indooroopilly, Queensland 4068

Tel: (617) 3721 2122
Fax: (617) 3870 5013




Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the tee times at Indooroopilly Golf Club are restricted to members only with effect from 2 April 2020. Thank you!


Dress Code
A dress code applies immediately upon entry to the club and pertains to all areas of the club property including Practice Areas, Car Parks, IGC Golf Shop, clubhouse surrounds and on the Golf Courses.

  • Neat attire.
  • Collared shirt, tailored pants / shorts, soft spiked golf shoes, sports socks
  • No torn or distressed clothing, T shirts, tracksuits, board shorts or football shorts


Green Fees & Eligibility to Play

  1. Reciprocal Member- Any charges? No
  2. Reciprocal Members are allowed to introduce Guests. Yes
    If so, how many are allowed per Reciprocal Member: N/A
    Reciprocal Member Guest Rate: A$50 per guest
  3. Are Walk-in Visitors allowed to play?: No 
    If so, is there a limitation on the no. of Walk-in Visitors per day?: N/A
    Visitors Walk-in Rate: N/A
  4. Do Reciprocal Members have to book in advance for a time-slot on weekdays and/or weekends?: Yes
    If so when? :

    16 days in advance

  5. Does the club impose on Reciprocal Clubs a yearly maximum quota for visits/golf games by its members? Yes. 
  6. How many visits/golf games is each Reciprocal Member entitled to per calendar year?: 14 times a year. 
  7. If this quota is exceeded, are Reciprocal Members still allowed to play golf?:
    If so, what are the applicable charges?: N/A

Equipment & Rental Charges 

  • Rental of Golf Clubs?: AUD 30
  • Caddy (Class & Charges) (9/18holes): N/A
  • Advance bookings needed for caddy?: N/A
  • Motorised Buggy Rental (9/18holes): AUD 35 
  • Electrical Golf Trolley Rental (Hand-controlled) (9/18holes): A$34
  • Manual Trolley/Trundle Rental (9/18holes): AUD 5​

All rates stated herein are subject to change with/without prior notice

Last updated: 03/04/2020