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Windsor Avenue, South Oakleigh, VIC 3167

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Huntingdale Golf Club is suspending all reciprocal & affiliated bookings until further notice. Thank you.
Dress Code


  • Shirts: Must have collars and be tucked in at all times.
  • Trousers: Pants or shorts must be tailored. Shorts are to be Bermuda length only (just touching the knee).
  • Socks: With shorts, either matching knee length socks pulled up all the way to just before the knee or mid length white socks also pulled. No logos or rings (golf club logo excepted).


  • Shirts: Must have collars and be tucked in at all times, unless they are tailored or specifically designed to be worn out to hip length.
  • Slacks: Pants/slacks must be tailored. 3/4 length pants are acceptable. Shorts must be tailored and no more than 4 inches above the knee.

*Any style denim, large corporate logos, track suit/pants, stirrup pants, leggings, cargo pants/shorts, brief shorts, t-shirts without collars and any non golf attire is not permitted. 


Green Fees & Eligibility to Play 

  1. Reciprocal Member: No charge until quotas of 40 visits per period (Every 1st April) has been reached.
  2. Reciprocal Members are allowed to introduce Guests. Yes, subject to availability
    If so, how many are allowed per Reciprocal Member: 03
    Reciprocal Member Guest Rate: AUD 250
  3. Are Walk-in Visitors allowed to play?: Yes, limited numbers at mid week only
    If so, is there a limitation on the no. of Walk-in Visitors per day?:
    Subject to limited numbers and only on mid week.Interstate Visitor rates AUD 165
    International Visitor rates AUD 250
  4. Do Reciprocal Members have to book in advance for a time-slot on weekdays and/or weekends?: Yes
    If so when? : 7 days advance booking
  5. Does the club impose on Reciprocal Clubs a yearly maximum quota for visits/golf games by its members? Yes
  6. How many visits/golf games is each Reciprocal Member entitled to per calendar year?:
    Club quota of 40 visits per period commencing every first April. Thereafter, rates will be imposed.
    If this quota is exceeded, are Reciprocal Members still allowed to play golf? If so, what are the applicable charges?: Yes, at AUD 100


Equipment & Rental Charges

  • Rental of Golf Clubs?: Standard set at AUD 35; Premium set at AUD 60
  • Caddy (18holes): AUD 100
  • Advance bookings needed for caddy?: 1 week advance 
  • Motorised Buggy Rental (9/18holes): AUD 25 
  • Electrical Golf Trolley Rental (Hand-controlled) (9/18holes): AUD 10 
  • Manual Trolley/Trundle Rental (9/18holes): FOC


All rates stated herein are subject to changes with/without prior notice.


Last updated: 30/03/2020