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53 Bannerman Crescent, Rosebery, NSW 2018


Tel: (612) 9663 2273 / (612) 9662 2484 (Match Desk)


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Mobile Phone Policy & Dress Code:  

AGC Mobile Phone Policy
Dress Regulations​​​​


  • Smart casual golfing attire is acceptable at all times (other than nominated special functions) in all areas of the clubhouse.
  • Jeans and tee shirts are not permitted.
  • Hats and caps are not permitted.
  • Men are not permitted to wear sandals.

Golf Course

All players must be appropriately attired on the Golf Course, Practice Fairway and in the Club House.

  • Collared shirts to be worn.
  • Tailored shorts are permitted.
  • Denim clothing, T-Shirts, Track Suits, Beach and Football wear are not permitted.
  • Golf Shoes to be worn with socks. Soft spike shoes only.


Green Fees & Eligibility to Play:

(Wef 01 April 2016)
  1. Affiliated Member- any charges?: Yes
    Green Fees (if applicable): AUD 200 - Men; AUD 150 - Ladies
  2. Are Affiliated Members allowed to introduce Guests?: Yes
    If so, how many are allowed per Affiliated Member: 03
  3. Affiliated Member Guest Rate: AUD 200 (Men); AUD 150(Ladies)
  4. Are Walk-in Visitors allowed to play?: No
  5. Do Affiliated Members have to book in advance for a time-slot on weekdays and/or weekends?: Yes
    If so when?: One week advance bookings
  6. How many visits/golf games is each Affiliated Member entitled to per calendar year? 14 per year.
  7. If this quota is exceeded, are Affiliated Members still allowed to play golf?: No

Equipment & Rental Charges:

  • Rental of Golf Clubs: AUD 45 per set 
  • Caddy (Class & Charges) (9/18holes): N/A 
  • Advance bookings needed for caddy?: N/A 
  • Allocation of caddy: N/A 
  • Motorised Buggy Rental (9/18holes): AUD 20/AUD 35
  • Electrical Golf Trolley Rental (Hand-controlled) (9/18holes): AUD 20 
  • Manual Trolley/Trundle Rental (9/18holes): FOC


All rates stated herein are subject to changes with/without prior notice.



Last updated: 16/03/2020